Intelligent Security

Discover how AI-Powered Security can work for you

Step 1

AI-powered surveillance cameras transmit footage to a cloud-based server for advanced threat detection and assessment.

Step 2

The AI system detects potential threat and a Red alert is automatically triggered and sent to the live operator for threat verification. 

Step 3

Security operator assesses the threat level and takes appropriate action. Two-way communication is established with the threat site to effectively prevent the escalation of the ongoing threat and maintain control over the situation

Step 4

Emergency services are promptly notified and provided with live video stream and relevant information. Coordination and collaboration with emergency services to neutralize the threat and ensure safety. All actions completed within 60 seconds!

Step 5

Trained response teams, including armed guards, police, fire, medical, bylaw enforcement, and outreach agencies, are swiftly deployed on-site with an average arrival time of 7 minutes or less (depending on the jurisdiction) to handle the situation.

Final Step

An incident report is generated and promptly disseminated to our end-users via our company's portal and mobile application in order to ensure that our customers are fully informed and up-to-date with the latest information

Premises Secured!