Our Remote Live Guard Technology

Advanced Live Guard Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Your App, or shall we say, Your Remote Live Security Guard?

At a fraction of a cost of traditional security services, our app with AI capabilities can:

Your Accessories

While your cameras are likely compatible with our app, our select cameras and app combined are designed to provide a seamless security solution to meet the unique needs of any environment. 

For Your Everyday Needs

It's Getting Hot in Here!

Want to Use Your Cameras?

The Camera Gateway solution that will automatically discover ONVIF devices on your LAN, and forward the RTSP and ONVIF video streams to the Camera Glue Cloud.

For Those Who Didn't Get the Message

The SIP + ONVIF Horn Speaker is perfect for installation in outdoor environments due to its waterproof design. The built-in 30W amplifier delivers loud and excellent sound. It can be applied to play background music, announcements, security or fire alarm messaging, and more!